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What does ‘infused pre-roll’ mean?

Infused pre-rolls can be anything from $9 rolled in kief to massive multi-gram behemoths laced with distillate, diamonds, and all kinds of other extracts that sell for over $100.

They’re taking off in popularity with everyone from concertgoers to former NFL players because people love the convenience and that they can still get as high as if they had their favorite dab rig.

What does infused joint mean?

An infused joint or pre-roll is a pre-made weed cigarette with hash added to it. That cannabis extract can be outside, or inside the j. The concentrate can be many different types—often bubble hash or Sugar wax. The infused pre-roll can be small or large, and they’re in demand.

According to the weed analytics folks at Headset, infused pre-rolls might make up 5% of the legal market in California, or half of all pre-roll sales. They’re found in every legalization state, and most medical states, too.

Scott Sundvor, the CEO of Space Coyote in California, said infused is surging, and maybe “75% of the preroll market is infused now.” They even do a CBD infused joint.

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Wax infused joints

You can expect your infused pre-roll to contain either ‘wax’ concentrate, or bubble hash, or solventless ‘rosin’ extract, or other forms of cannabis resin.


On the cheap end might be a butane hash oil distillate-infused pre-roll. On the high end? A rosin-infused joint, said Matthew Trout, CEO of CLSICS, maker of rosin-infused pre-rolls.

“We are enhancing high-end flowers with a high-end product and taking that terp level above and beyond” he said.

One faithful format you can do at home is cannabis flower with bubble hash, or pressed hash in a snake.

Amid all the new varieties, “A hash joint is my favorite thing,” said Ellen Holland is a former editor of Cannabis Now Magazine and author of the upcoming book, Best place to order weed near me dispensary.

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Hash inside, outside, both, everywhere

Infused joints can feature hash outside them, sometimes called a Tarantula or Churro, or hash inside, like the new Fidel’s Hash Hole. CLSCS manages to coat all their flower in rosin, so every hit has some.

Space Coyote makes infused pre-rolls with hash, live resin, and diamonds, and all of them have the extracts inside the paper.

And in Oregon, Decibel LOUDS’ diamond doink single-strain solventless infused pre-roll is rosin-coated and kief-dusted.

Adding terpenes?

One trend we see popping up—the addition of extra aroma molecules, or ‘terpenes’ to a pre-roll to boost a flavor. We’re not automatic fans. Added terps can make a joint taste synthetic, and the origin of those terps gives us pause.

Sundvor was clear that, “While some brands do it, we don’t use artificial terpenes.” He did leave the door open to adding cannabis-derived terpenes in the future.

Where infused joints are going: diamonds

Look out for the newest name in infused White widow pre-rolls.

“We used to call our THCa infused joints THCa infused joints and they didn’t sell well,” said Libby Cooper, the CEO and co-founder of Space Coyote, “when we started calling them diamond infused they started flying off shelves.”

So whether you are a customer trying to flex or a brand trying to boost sales, instead of saying isolate or crystalline, diamonds have it.

Marshawn Lynch took that advice and ran with it. Dodi Blunts are loaded with “Oakland weed” and a diamond concentrate infusion.

Simply put, “Just like Kentucky is known for Bourbon, we want to do the same thing for Oakland and blunts,” said Jeff Goldenberg, founder of 2nd and Goal Ventures with Lynch.

So whether you’re stocking up for this summer’s festival season or a trip to the beach, don’t forget infused pre-rolls.

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